Hi, I'm Eric Thompson and I am a Junior Marketing and LEO (Leadership, Ethics & Organizational Sustainability) Major with Minors in Communication Studies and Faith-Justice at Saint Joesph's University.


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Online Community Update 2

Warrior Forum has slight anonymity on the site. When signing up for an account, it never asks for your full name but rather a username. A username and email are the only information they ask from you. I believe the reason the do this is to foster real genuine help from the community rather than […]

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Online Community Update 1

Warrior Forum is an online community for those interested in internet marketing – in which they claim to be number one. When you first visit Warrior Forum as an unregistered visitor, the first page you see is the forum and its topics. However, after every page you are presented with a pop-up asking you to register […]

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The article “Encouraging Commitment in Online Communities” claims that “Recruiting or clustering those who are similar to each other into homogenous groups fosters identity-based commitment to a community.” This meaning that forming smaller subgroups made of those with similar interest will foster a greater commitment rate and identity-based commitment to the overall community as a whole. […]

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