Hi, I'm Eric Thompson and I am a Junior Marketing and LEO (Leadership, Ethics & Organizational Sustainability) Major with Minors in Communication Studies and Faith-Justice at Saint Joesph's University.


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Standage Ch 1-4 Summary
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Distributed Communities

In the book “Writing on the Wall” by Tom Standage, he talks about the current age digital social media. Stangage describes Social Media sites as a “shared social environment and a sense of membership in a distribute community.” He means that these┬ácommunities are ones that are fueled by sharing the content of others. The social […]

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Millennials Voting Video

For this video, I choose to make it as if the viewer is on their Facebook timeline. The goal of this video was to encourage millennials to vote. I attempted to do this by showcasing reasons myths why millennials choose not to vote. Most millennials are on a social media network, making the video relatable […]

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