Hi, I'm Eric Thompson and I am a Junior Marketing and LEO (Leadership, Ethics & Organizational Sustainability) Major with Minors in Communication Studies and Faith-Justice at Saint Joesph's University.

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Sounds of Wolfington

In this piece I captured the “Sounds of Wolfington.” Wolfington hall is the campus ministry building at Saint Joseph’s University. Some points I learned as I recorded this project, is that the microphones on the Zoom are very sensitive. I think getting a windscreen would have improved the quality. Because most of the audio I gathered […]

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Desaturation Photos

This set of photos are ones that I recently took and desaturated all but one or two colors using Photoshop. When searching for photos to take for the purpose of denaturing, I tried to find scenery that included bits of color that was really vibrant. One of my favorites is the first photo bellow. When I […]

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Negative Space Photos

The following photos are those with negative space as a composition element. All of these photos were taken outside with natural lighting. A big take away I learned from taking these photos is that lighting is key. There were many potential photos I saw that I thought would look great. But upon further glance they […]

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